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June 11 2015



Just realised that Super Mario Bros and Jurassic Park have followed the same naming convention with their franchises.

Super Mario Bros / Jurassic Park

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels / Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Super Mario Bros 3 / Jurassic Park 3

Super Mario World / Jurassic World

What I’m saying is I’m very excited about the prospect of Jurassic Galaxy


new idea: the hyper bowl


it’s like the super bowl but 

  • you have two football fields placed in a cross formation
  • two teams play at once 
  • whatever happens in the middle happens






Did you know? Type O Blood was actually meant to be Type Zero blood, due to the lack of glycoproteins in the red blood cells. It was misread and is now called Type “O” blood. I guess you could call it a typo.

I’m going to throw a cake at your head

A pun genius is in our presence, ladies and gentleman





One of my friends asked me the other day if I would suck one thousand dicks for a billion dollars, and I love questions like that because not only are they so demonstrative of the no-homo society we live in, but they also show a fundamental lack of understanding that some people have for the value of money. Like, do you realize just how much money one billion dollars is? Do you realize I could live my life in the lap of luxury buying literally everything I could ever want and still have a fortune to leave to my children?? For sucking some dicks?? We are talking 1 million dollars per dick sucked!! That’s just economical like come on man.





my favourite part from book 3 has to be when hermionie is done with divination

its just so funny omg professor trelawney is like HERMIONIE YOURE REALLY SHITTY AT THIS and hermionie just stares at her for a moment before getting up and basically shouting “IM DONE IM 100% DONE IM GONE IM LEAVING” and she kicks open the door and just leaves the classroom and doesnt return ever again


hermione granger: taking none of your shit since 1997.

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Puppies must sleep in a wheel formation for the first six months of their lives in order to build cognitive development. They feed off of eachother’s energy and intelligence.

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reblog if ur also a socialist lesbian divorcee witch that kills children



Wattpad fics be like;

I was asleep and my mom ran into my room, packing my clothes for me in my Aeropostale suitcase
“Mom what are you doing”
She looked at me and sighed, putting her cigarette out on her hand
“They are here”
I was confused, I rolled out my light purple stripped comforter and ruffled my long thick blonde hair with brown streaks in it
“Who are”
“Your new owners.”
This is the story of how one direction bought me

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image image image image image image

Amethyst messes up Connie’s funky flow

I’m a fuckign impatient nerd and I miss my nerd children so sorry for the long post



person: you know, what you’re eating right now is actually really unhealthy :/

me: *is confused, because i don’t remember fuckin asking*

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i saw this on imgur and well, even if something like this is going around on tumblr already it is important.

link to imgur post





this is a reminder to all girls who like girls that your attraction isn’t creepy or bad. you’re not betraying a friend or being “pervy” if you’re attracted to her. you’re not objectifying girls by being attracted to them. you’re fine

Boys who like girls need to be told this too. Hell, girls who are liked by boys need to hear this about those boys as well.

You need to be fed to wolves. Wolves need to be informed of your location




What if the four founders hadn’t happened to have such thematically on-the-nose surnames?

“While you’re here, your house will be like your family. They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff… and Barry.”


“What? It was one of the most common surnames in Ireland in the 11th century.”

Ten points to Barry.

you’re a barry harry (via seraphica)

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I can’t handle this


↖️This blog supports bees🐝



Having a picture of your girlfriend as the lock screen on your phone is the 21st-century equivalent of keeping a locket with her picture in it.



Ex-Girlfriends should be called Near Mrs.

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Whoever wants to eat cookie dough and not get salmonella. Here ya go!



it’s so dang delicious please give it a try you won’t regret it




why does everyone look so surprised when i say the reason for cutting my hair short is the hot weather, what were u expecting “i need to take my father’s place in war and the chinese army won’t accept women” ???

So what you’re saying is that you’re not going to help defend China from the Huns…?







People horrifically fucking up facts about evolution and genetics too support their stupid beliefs or to seem smart and “rational” is probably one of my big pet peeves 

Yeah. An enormous number of racists, misogynists, homophobes and transphobes I’ve met eventually whip out something about evolutionary biology and they never, ever, ever, ever have the slightest shadow of even a half-right idea what any of it means or ever cite a claim ever actually made by a scientific study.

Here’s a quick handy reference list or anyone who isn’t sure:

  • Homosexuality does exist in almost all social species.
  • “Alpha males” are not a real phenomenon and in fact the most aggressive males tend to be the least reproductively successful.
  • “Survival of the fittest” simply means that the success of a species hinges on how well it “fits” its environment. It does not mean that stronger or smarter individuals are supposed to succeed. Those things can even be a detriment in nature by wasting too many resources.
  • “Race” is not a biological concept. Someone who looks different from you has the same human genes, just a different grab-bag of dominant traits.
  • Evolution is not a march towards higher complexity, more intelligence or even more adaptability. It’s just a fluctuation of characteristics dictated by environmental pressures and mutation. A slime mold isn’t “less evolved” than a hawk, just adapted for success under different parameters.
  • People didn’t evolve “from apes.” It’s more complicated than that. We are a category of ape, sharing a common ancestor with the other apes.
  • No human on Earth is “closer” to an evolutionary ancestor than any other. We all descended from the same one.
  • Neanderthals were also a “sibling” species of ours. We didn’t evolve from them.
  • Some of us did, however, cross-breed with Neandethal man. It is exclusively non-African races, such as white people, who still carry hybrid human/Neanderthal genes. Whoops, sorry “white purity” skinheads, you’re actually mixed with a whole other species.

Just had to reblog this because I am honestly so tired of people claiming that Africans are “less evolved” than everyone else 

My addition to the above list:

Epigenetics does not have anything at all to do with genetic memories. It is a thing that affects characteristics like health risks, and this speculation floating around about how phobias could be related to some ancestral trauma is complete and utter nonsense.

It’s only a matter of time before such a claim is used as another pseudoscientific tool in the arsenal of people claiming that bloodlines have anything to do with the validity of one’s worship of European pantheons. “My ancestors were Swedish, and because of epigenetics I have genetic memories passed down from those ancestors, so therefore my connection with the gods is better than yours!”

Just, no. Stop. STOP.

gonna also chime in here:

saying the “male brain” works one way and the “female brain” works another way is ludicrous. for so many reasons, even beyond the obvious of imposing that tired old either/or mentality with regards to maleness and femaleness

occasionally you will read about how a study suggests that “men are naturally better at spacial reasoning” or “women are naturally better at cooperation”, but for one thing, given how early the brain wires itself and how easy it is to influence the wiring (like, disturbingly easy), and given the tremendous social expectations we face from pretty much the moment we leave the freaking womb, it’s impossible to study gender differences in a vacuum. 

like, do your findings prove that “women are better at reading faces”, or do they prove that, when you are part of a group that has been socialized since birth to be “nice”, to take care of other people, and to above all avoid making folks angry, you damn well have to learn how to read the room, and read it fast.

also, the “left brain, right brain” thing is bunk. there are not, like emotion-driven people and logic-driven people. everybody is primarily emotional. that circuitry is older and reacts much faster, and this is why nobody is immune from sometimes making wildly irrational decisions.

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